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How would you like to Get Clients Chasing You … on repeat, each & every month & never have to worry about money again?

#No 1 thing your business needs is clients. 

Get Clients Chasing YOU: How to Land High Paying Clients Through Linkedin in just 9 steps. Easy as ABC.  

Are you ready to have all the clients, and income, you’ll ever need?  

You’ve always known you want to work for yourself haven’t you?

It’s encoded right there in your DNA. You know you’re great at what you do, and you have an incredibly strong desire to share your skills with others in order to improve their lives too. 

The trouble is you’ve tried everything you can think of to get yourself noticed - dabbled with a bit of blogging, forced yourself to attend those awful networking meetings - you feel like you’ve tried it all, yet somehow it’s not leading anywhere, or more specifically, leading people to YOU.  

Lets be honest - you never went into business to be a marketing guru, or to be a salesperson; you went into business to do what you’re good at. When you’re a one-man band you have to do it all, but you’re not superhuman, and you can’t be great at everything.  

You may hate the idea of selling yourself, but I LOVE the idea of getting clients and companies chasing you. You can do it, right here, right now, on LinkedIn. I will teach you how...

 I can help you all;  

IT consultants, brand consultants, management consultants, finance interims, HR consultants, career consultants, books keepers, accountants, diet coaches… I could go on but I think you get my drift!  

You know your clients are on LinkedIn and you want a system that will enrol clients, in a savvy automated method. You want a clear step by step approach that shows you what you need to do to get you hired and to stop you worrying about where your next pay cheque will come from.  

Your clients are out there waiting for you - they just don’t know it yet. 

Fill out the form below to express your interest in learning the 9 step system to generate a reliable income each and every month – ending feast or famine once and for all. On the next page, you'll be asked to book a date/time to speak to Sue…

The ONLY thing you need to do today...  

is concentrate on getting clients, anything else right now is mere distraction destined to reduce your business to a hobby.

Just to be sure we’re on the same page here…are you:  

  • Fed up of having long gaps between your next assignment? (losing a ton of money because of this!) 
  • Aware you’re playing a game of Russian roulette by relying on your existing client base instead of working on a strategy to gain new clients? 
  • Sick of that gut wrenching feeling that you need to be on top this problem once and for all? 
  • Worried you don't have the energy for cold calling and attending network meetings? 
  • Fed up of not sleeping and worrying about money?
  • Wanting to make this process as automated as possible?

Sick of all the marketing spin out there? It’s all “SoloFunnel” this, “6 Figures in a week” Marketers are all about making the accessible complicated; they make a simple thing sound hard so you believe only an expert can manage it. Overwhelmed by the interminable list of things needed to learn on a weekly basis?…it’s relentless! It’s time to get back to basics. 

All you need to do is strip everything back and go simple. In order to generate clients you need to first generate conversations with potential clients. That. Is. It.

Ready for 2019 to be different? 

It must be driving you crazy…seeing all those other people out there, with ideas that don’t even come close to touching yours, and they’re getting all the attention. All you can think about is ‘if they can do it, why can’t I?’ 

  • They don’t appear to be struggling to find their next assignment, in fact the opposite is true…they’re EVERYWHERE. They’re posting on your favourite blogs, they’re guests on your go-to podcasts, they’re even speaking at the next big event!
  • This is why I created Get Clients Chasing You. A 90 day programme designed to teach you how to get clients on repeat, each and every month, so you never have to worry about money again!!!  

  • The secret is figuring out a way to get clients consistently, and not being distracted by things that in essence are not the core of your business; designing your new logo, ordering some fancy stationary…it’s all very lovely, but it prevents you from concentrating on the things that really matter. 

  • Imagine... an end to all that downtime between assignments. YOU get to decide when you work, not the other way around. 
  • Imagine... you have a waiting list of clients and companies who want to work for you. It happened for me, and it can happen for you too.  
  • Imagine... getting to pick and choose the clients you want to work with
  • Imagine... the options an elevated income can give you; being able to afford the the car, the house, and the vacations of your dreams.

Do you see how getting clients on tap can literally change your life and the life of your family too?

You might be thinking is this really possible? The answer is of course yes! 

What’s included in my 9 point plan system?

  • Step-1: Create your income goals to fund your lifestyle. Get Strategic: Get the full picture on how to drive sales. 

  • Step-2: Done for you - LinkedIn Client Profile Magnet: Appointment Generator (worth £1147.00 as shown on my website)

  • Step-3: Creating Publicity Which Speaks to Your Clients, learn how to entice your clients to get even better RESULTS, even for introverts!

  • Step-4: Creating your Fully Automated Audience Generator Learn the tools you need to move away from spending hours on marketing to creating systems that work for you. Key word is Automation

  • Step-5: Done for You, No Fuss Messaging Scripts This module is so easy to implement because I have done all the hard work for you. No guessing about what to say – you can use my 45 page plus email scripts to get into conversation today. Yes, you heard me, I have worked out every possible email script you could possibly need!

  • Step-6: Done with You: Creating Your Personalised Booking System Driving 1-on-1 conversations through the LinkedIn Booking System. Learn how to harness this tool to get you the results you want. (worth £999)

  • Step-7 : Closing the Deal to Drive the Sale.

  • Step-8 : Build the Know, Like, Trust Factor to become known in your industry. Learn how to stay TOP OF MIND with your growing network – ensuring a constant flow of clients. 

  • Step-9: Reflect and Review to Stay Visible: Get Clients Chasing YOU. 

  • Get Clients Chasing You is like no other. This small group programme is focused on getting back to real basics. You and I both know there is always some marketing buzz on what the next big thing is, and if you’re like me you’ll be chasing your tail trying to learn it. But what if it’s easier than that? Industry spoiler alert - it IS that easy!  

  • Everything we do together has one goal and one goal ONLY - “To drive conversations with the people who can hire you.” Think about this for a second. Conversations with REAL people, who want your product and service is what business is all about. Nothing else - so why are you focusing on anything else?  

  • I love group classes, but I want to provide you with as much support as possible. This is why I’m committed to small groups to ensure individual one to one attention. On top of that, my team and I do some of the work for you, so there is NO second guessing! (think LinkedIn profile, booking system)

  • I also want you to feel totally confident and at ease from day 1, which is why I’ve created a nice addition to the programme “Get your first client from Linkedin today" easy start up guide. 

In this programme:

  • Step by step system to walk you through what you need to do each day to get clients chasing you. 
  • How to automate this process, so you don’t need to do all the legwork.  
  • End the feast or famine status and get as many clients as you need.  
  • Learn to create a comprehensive sales funnel from start to finish and learn how to close the deal.
  • Have peace of mind, no more sleepless nights, worrying about where your next client will come from… 
  • Learn what to FOCUS on – this is the real secret; you don’t need to spend hours and hours learning every new social media platform. You just need to keep it SIMPLE. Concentrate on what matters, “which is sales” so why focus on anything else? 
  • How to ensure you are building an email list, so you have a sustainable business long term. 
  • Learn why you don’t need to spend money on FB ads or hours and hours in networking meetings - and pay for the privilege!  


I had the opportunity to take this program and all I can say WOW! With Susan’s help, I was able to increase my presence and finally get the clients I wanted to work with, and even before the end of the program. I won a big contract! If you are willing to take the time, put in the honest effort to improve your presence on LinkedIn; you will then be able to present yourself as a professional you know that you are. D. Sinde Aviation Security Consultant  

It great that I am now able to take ownership of my own sales pipeline rather than being at the mercy of recruiters.  

Even just by revamping my profile meant I got work from LinkedIn – just from this alone, never mind anything else paid for the course itself!  

Agile Consultant B. Ansley  

Hi, I’m Sue  

When I first started out in business, all I wanted was for someone to show me how to get clients. The only option available to me at the time was good old-fashioned trial and error, and I learned the hard way that relying on figuring things out as you go along is a sure fire way to kill your business. Fast.  

To start with business did not come easily to me; I was already sick of the fairytales that seemed to be circulating everywhere - “4 Hour Week” anybody? I knew I needed to keep it real if I was ever going to succeed.  

There was plenty of information available to me, but it was infused with so much jargon and mythology it rendered it completely inaccessible to me. I knew I had to cut through the bullshit in order to ‘mine’ the gems of wisdom I knew were hiding in there.  

So that’s what I did. I focused my efforts on targeting the most effective social media platform for generating clients, and became an expert on using LinkedIn to get the clients I needed.  

I know exactly what it’s like to put yourself in front of clients and companies in order to get hired - because I did it too!  

It’s time to put yourself out there!!!  

Get Clients Chasing You: How to Land High Paying Clients Through Linkedin can do for you  

Stop you worrying about how you’re going to get clients chasing you. I know you don’t have a spare £10,000 to fork out on a marketing firm to do all this for you.  

But you CAN have the peace of mind that comes with knowing all this is sorted; you can have a system in place that generates all the sales you’ll ever need.  

By signing up you will learn all you need to know to get clients chasing you, forever! You DO have it within you, I know it. You can reach out to people and share your products and services with the world. With Get Clients Chasing You you’ll learn, step-by-step, the ways to share your message with the people who need to hear it the most.  

Get Clients Chasing You: How to Land High Paying Clients Through Linkedin...Is it right for me? Get Clients Chasing You; can be applied to most businesses. However, no single programme is right for everyone. Before you read any further, I want to make sure this course is right for YOU. 

  • You want to learn to work smarter not harder to get clients into your pipeline. 
  • You want to make this process as automated as possible. 
  • You don’t want to spend big bucks on advertising or attend every networking event to make this work for you.
  • You have a clear understanding of the product or service you offer (& have a track record of selling it)
  • Your product or services costs more than £500  

Sadly I can’t help you if:  

  • You have no idea what it is you want to be known for.
  • You don’t yet know who your target audience is.
  • You have no products or services that you can monetise. 
  • Your product or service costs less than £500.

Step 1: Create your income goals to fund your lifestyle

You must nail the basics to actually get clients. In the first part of the programme, that’s exactly what we will be doing - working out your niche, honing your audience’s desire to purchase from you. You must showcase the problem(s) you solve because let’s be honest, you ONLY get hired for that one reason - the company or client has a problem, and they hope you can solve it! There is no point in blending in; you need to be SEEN, you need to attract the people who can hire you.  

In this section: whether you are selling your product or service Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Client (B2C), in our 121 kick off session together we will develop the overview plan and build the necessary foundations for success.  

Learn to attract companies, clients, head-hunters, and even recruiters to you by creating killer foundations - think LinkedIn, website if you have one, even your email signature. Just small changes can make a huge difference because by doing so you are attracting and building a solid sales pipeline (and when you realise you have a never-ending stream of clients, well things become a hell of a lot easier).  

Step 2: Done for you - LinkedIn Client Profile Magnet: Appointment Generator (worth £1147.00 as shown on my website)  

This is one of the many bonuses of the programme and it’s priceless. You don’t need to worry about your LinkedIn profile, tweaking and polishing it, never being sure if it’s fit for purpose, because it will be! I will make sure your audience understands who you are and how you can help. What many people don’t realise is that LinkedIn is about more than just content – yes, it’s essential but it also needs to be SEEN as this is exactly what we will be doing on the programme.  

Step 3: Creating Publicity Which Speaks to Your Clients  

We need to understand how we are promoting ourselves – this SPEAKS volumes! We will look through all your marketing collateral, think website (if you have one), and anything else you do, don’t do, and evaluate whether it is fit for purpose, i.e. leads to a sale! The thing you need to understand is that as you are providing a service, it’s incredibly difficult for someone to work out whether you are worth investing in. The ONLY way they can evaluate you is by what you do/say or what you produce, so this needs to be 5 stars otherwise we risk alienating the very people who we are here to serve. This strategy does a full evaluation of where you are and what you need to do to improve, as well as how to get content which delights your audience. PS, this is great for introverts as well, you can do this!

Implementation Week – I call this implementation week, it’s a further opportunity to apply what we have discussed through Modules 1 - 3  

Step 4: Creating your Fully Automated Audience Generator  

Learn the tools you need to move away from spending hours on marketing to creating systems that work for you. I’ll show you some great tools which will allow you to take what you’ve learned so far, and create an automated approach so you can go to the pub, the gym, spend time with family and friends, knowing you don’t always need to do the hard work!  

Step 5: Done for You, No Fuss Messaging Scripts  

In this section, we will learn how to search for your clients, what to say to prospective clients, and most importantly how to get clients chasing you.  

At the end of Modules 4 & 5, you will & be able to identify a clear audience for yourself using LinkedIn, be able to message people to get the response you want and most importantly, people, yes people, will want to connect with you, and you got it, it will lead to that sale. 

This module is so easy to implement because I have done all the hard work for you. No guessing about what to say – you can use my 45 page plus email scripts to get into conversation today. Yes, you heard me, I have worked out every possible email script you could possibly need!

Step 6: Done with You: Creating Your Personalised Booking System  

You want to know how to get clients? Well, you need to speak to them! Sounds obvious, right? So obvious we make it difficult or complicated to even make this happen. Instead, we ask people to play ping pong with emails trying to schedule a session. Even if you already have something in place, I promise you this module is priceless. I will evaluate exactly what needs to be improved which can add thousands to your bank account – can’t say fairer than that!  

In Module 6, you need to make it easy for the client to book in with you. In this session, I show you how to achieve this very goal.

  • You need to understand that getting clients talking with you is no easy step, we need to create a strategy session which draws people in, so they want to talk with you! As they say, you can’t buy time, so we need to make it worthwhile! 
  • Ever spent time with the wrong clients? How many hours have you wasted? This will become a thing of the past; I show you how to attract the clients who can afford your service and “get those clients” booked in with you. 
  • Need a strategy to reduce no-shows, and better yet – want to learn how to influence people before they even have a conversation with you? This module is perfect for you.  

Step 7: Closing the Deal to Drive the Sale

How to generate appointments and how to close the deal is the secret of a successful business. This is exactly what you need to learn. How to close the deal, whether it is a formal interview or whether it’s a strategy session, I’ve got you covered.  

Implementation Week – You’ve got it, another Implementation Week, designed for you to apply what we have discussed. This is all about DOING!  

Step 8: Build the Know, Like, Trust Factor to become known in your industry 

By now your connections are increasing, and you are getting into conversations with the right people. Now the trick is to make sure your network knows you exist – when they need your services! No easy feat, because you and I know you may connect with Frank today but do you honestly think Frank will remember you next week, or even next month? This module is all about building you as the brand and being top of mind in your network so when they need you – they know exactly who to ask!  

Step 9: Reflect and Review to stay visible: Get Clients Chasing YOU  

Want to look at my crystal ball? The most common mistake people make when they start getting clients – is they go back to being invisible again. They take their hands off the steering wheel, so to speak. If you really want a consistent level of clients – you need to understand VISIBILITY 24/7 is required, don’t panic, this is do-able and does not require a ton of work either. I also show you how to refine the process further and by making small tweaks can literally add thousands and thousands to your bank account. Are you ready?  


  • I’m not tech savvy; I’m concerned I won’t manage? 

Firstly, let me tell you, even though I have an online business, I am definitely not the best with IT, I even have trouble with the Amazon Firestick, so if I can do LinkedIn, you can too! 

  • Will I get the support I need? 

  • Yes, Yes and Yes. There are plenty of ways you can get the support you need. 
  • The group is small enough - maximum of 10 people - to make sure you get all of your questions answered. 
  • You have access to the private LinkedIn group to post any issues you may have; you just need to post your questions to get answered promptly. 
  • In addition, a lot of what we do is “done for you”, or even “with you” so there’s a lot of hand-holding you could say! 
  • Finally, if all this was not enough we have weekly hot seat sessions, so you can join me on our group call and get your business questions answered.  

  • What if I get behind in the modules?

You can’t get behind. There is lifetime access to the resources, so when you need it – you’ve got it. If you have a personal issue and want to join the course live we can delay, postpone the course start date for up to 1 year – so you really have nothing to lose.  

  • How long do I have access to the membership site?  

You have lifetime access to the course, so you don’t need to worry! 

  • Will this work for my business?

Probably! Not really an answer is it? So why not cut to the chase and ask me personally so I can find more about you and your business, you can book a free strategy session by clicking here. HINT: Your business needs to have a product or service which costs more than £500. I can help you all; from IT consultants, brand consultants, management consultants, finance interims, HR consultants, career consultants, books keepers, accountants and diet coaches… if you have something to sell, I have something to offer you.  


When you invest in this programme, I understand that you have signed up because you are committed to doing everything you can to get clients chasing you! Why else would you spend your hard-earned money, right? I will teach you clearly how to use LinkedIn as a database, and I guarantee I can increase who’s viewed your profile by 1000 views within a 90-day period, minimum, by using this approach and following my step by step guide. And we are not talking about anyone; we are talking about people who can hire you or are your gatekeepers. This approach is also great if you are moving to a new location or even country! Look at mine – I commit to the process and it’s well exceeded over 1000, try over 6000!  

I know that you understand that building a solid sales pipeline won’t happen overnight. You may well see results very quickly (some of our programme members have had clients chasing them straight away!), but, let me be clear, there is no magic happening here! You will need to follow the steps in the programme consistently so that you build your brand, build awareness, and build your know, like, trust factor.  

This is a journey, not an instant fix. If for any reason you find you are not making major inroads to build a full sales pipeline after 30 days, I will refund your payment. (minus the cost of creating your personalised LinkedIn profile.) However, be aware that for me to do this, I will need to see absolutely everything that you have done to follow the steps, it may be that there are things I can do to help get you back on track. You need to show me what you have done (by sending the course-work you've completed for each stage.)

I am completely dedicated to keeping you accountable so you get the results this programme promises. You have lifetime access to this programme, so my team and I will be here to support you through the steps and in the future so you can keep your new sales pipeline permanently full!  

Added Bonuses… £2546 (approx. US $3300)


Done for you - LinkedIn Client Profile Magnet: Appointment Generator (worth £1147.00 as shown on my website)

  • As a career coach, I have improved hundreds and hundreds of LinkedIn profiles. I know what is needed to make your profile stand out, but more importantly, I know what it takes to make it bang on target for your clients to want to initiate that conversation with you. No more blending in – this is now about you being seen.  


Messaging Scripts Templates – (worth £300)

  • Not sure what to say, how to close the deal, or let people know what you do, without sounding salesy? Well, the email scripts I have designed will help end this dilemma, making it easy for you to move people through your sales pipeline step by step.  


DONE FOR YOU - Setting up your booking system (worth £999)

You heard me correctly; I will set up your new booking system using my tech guys/gals to set this up personally for you. If you already have a system in place, we will fully evaluate what works and what does not, and I will take over your booking system and make the improvements needed!

This is designed to  

  • Prevent the dreaded no shows - prospective clients not turning up for appointments. 
  • How to prepare clients before their strategy session with you, so they hire you. 
  • This also includes testing it out to make sure it works perfectly! 

(please note this can ONLY be done if certain modules have been completed in order to get this set up accurately for you) ** Please note you are reponsible for any monthly payments  


DONE FOR YOU - Linkedin Sales Campaign (worth £1000)

A completed LinkedIn Campaign "done for you" with access to the results in real tme. You an then simply sit back and respond to the replies.  

  • A number of times you could be getting your first client from this campaign straight away. 


Easy Start Up Guide: How to Make Money FAST using LinkedIn @ £600

I’ve created a video to illustrate how easy it is to use LinkedIn, with real examples to make money FAST. I created this to really show you how super easy it is to use LinkedIn, without having to buy expensive adverts, and to motivate you to stick with the programme. You don’t need to be a tech genius, if I can do it so can you! So trust me when I say if I can do it, anyone can!


11 Weekly “Business HOT Seat” sessions valued £1100

  •   I’ve also created a weekly “hot seat” over 11 weeks. This is a chance for everyone in the group, each week, to have an in-depth critique of their business 1 on 1 and to tackle any issues or hurdles you may be facing (another reason why the group size is limited to just 10 people). If you can’t attend a session don’t worry, I can still answer all your questions, just let me know beforehand. Each session is recorded and delivered to your inbox after each call.  

Over 11 weeks, we will be working through the process (with implementations weeks built in!)

  • 90-minute online initial Kick Off session “Get Inspired, Get Clear” with Susan Burke to customise and get clear on what you want to achieve. This will enable us to understand the best way forward if you are Business2Business or Business2Client. Full Session recording - removing any effort as no need to take notes! 
  • Take the complexity out of thinking by following a successful formula that is proven to work. 
  • Private member site, keep all your course information in one place. Save time searching for course notes, videos, and tools to get the result you want. 
  • Pre video-recordings of what you need to do, which will walk you through the process step by step so that you can review at your own convenience. 
  • Guides and weekly actions with REAL examples to walk you through the process step by step.
  • Join the weekly hot seat, a chance to get focused on your business and ideas to take it to the next level. Each person on the call will have a chance to have their questions answered. You will never feel stuck; your questions will always be answered. This will keep you on track and accountable as well! (If you can’t attend the call, don’t worry, you can ask any questions in our VIP LinkedIn group).
  • Weekly actions and accountability worked into the programme to get you motivated to do the work that is needed.  
  • VIP access to our private LinkedIn group so you can connect with other participants, find support when you need it, and share your successes (priceless). 
  • Group Size limited to 10 people ONLY to provide time and attention to the goals you want to achieve.  

Please note that we will ONLY be accepting 10 applicants into this program. During your scheduled interview, Sue will explain more about the opportunity & investment and will ask you questions about your business to ensure there is a fit for everyone involved.



The most direct and personal way to reach me for 1-1 conversations, connect and message me now!